Are you unemployed, out of money and going through a financial mess?

Are you talented but you are not making enough money off your expertise? You know so much and work so much but you are making little to nothing from your skills?

Are little or low sales frustrating your business as a business owner? Do you desire to sell more of your products consistently and repeatedly?

Are you a coach or a consultant but you are playing yourself short and having challenges attracting high paying clients repeatedly and consistently? Are you popular but broke? 

My name is Oladipupo Osofowora and I lost my 9 to 5 job in 2015. I was 19 years then and my life went on a downward slope. I was literally at the lowest point in my life. I had no savings or anything to fall back on. I had to be dependent again to survive the period.

I couldn’t secure a job all through 2016, I was always home, reading and preparing for more examinations and certification programs. But I found gold at that moment.

While I was at my First Job.

I realized and acknowledged my passion for writing. I knew I had the skill but I was just too unconscious to acknowledge and develop it. I started writing more from that moment onward, I started investing in my personal development. I read even more and attended premium training to grow.

February 2017, I got a job as an accounting clerk in a secondary school. I was paid “almighty” N28,900 monthly then. It may look like a lot of money but it was barely enough to pay bills.

My writing skill was my saving grace, I started showing up more on social media and writing even more such that I wrote on Facebook and other platforms 16 months consistently without missing a single day. I was literally on steroid.

I started making money off my skill such that I was able to make about 5 times my salary monthly. Imagine when your 5 pm to 6 am side hustle pay more than your 9 to 5 job.

On 31st December 2017, I resigned from the job that I started in February. I began my journey as a full-time entrepreneur. Even though I am a Chartered Accountant, I dropped it all for digital marketing. And the journey to multiple 6 figures began. Even though it has not been without its own challenges, it has been worthwhile.

With Bankole Williams

There have been 2 editions of this masterclass that has equipped about 55 individuals with the needed strategies and steps to create high converting content that helps them achieve their objectives and make money. But none of these 2 editions will be anything like this one.

Mr Ikechukwu Uchidiuno participated in the first edition of this class and as a network marketing professional, he needed better results. From lack of engagement on his content and very little people paying attention to his content online, he has gone on to become an influential network marketing expert. He now coaches and trains other network marketing professionals on how to sell benefits.

Oladipupo Osofowora is an intelligent young man that is miles ahead of his peers. He is focused with a resolve to making the most of his life and helping you do the same. Ever since our path crossed via this content masterclass he organized in 2017, it has been from one level of insight and knowledge as it pertains to maximizing your business presence in the digital space.
Ikechukwu Uchidiuno
Network marketing expert

You know Mrs Akinfolarin already so let’s talk about someone else.

Have you heard about the almighty Busola Ajala? Busola Ajala is the convener of The Business of Law Conference. A conference that brought lawyers together to provide cutting edge information that helps lawyers to make more money beyond the things they learnt in school. Busola Ajala participated in the second edition of this masterclass and not only has her writing skill improved but she has grown in all ramifications to become an influential lawyer.

Oladipupo produces high quality content. You can tell that he is one that takes his time, strategize and thinks deeply and creatively to provide content that works and help you achieve your objectives. He is a content marketing trainer you should trust.
Busola Ajala
Convener, Business of Law

We can go on and on with people who have gone through this masterclass but let’s talk about you.

You probably have a university certificate in your hands right now and chances are that you also have a day job. But you aren’t making enough to live the life that you desire. While I’m not interested in you quitting your job, I’m passionate about you making more money off your side hustle.

Imagine if you can sell your products and services consistently without appearing salesy. Imagine if without appearing desperate people will beg you to take their money for your products and services. Think about the prospect of you growing your business, making more money and also becoming influential! Truth is, if you follow my lead, your influence will skyrocket and also will your income.

Here’s what Mrs Chinaeme Gelsthorpe had to say about this masterclass-

Oladipupo, my coach, I remain eternally indebted to you for this training. I started not knowing my way around but today I make boast to say I have become a reference point. Now I create content that sells my confessionary consistently.
Mrs Chinaeme Gelsthorpe
Cake Expert

Introducing Content to profit Masterclass

Content to profit masterclass is an intensive 14 days transformational teaching that will improve your content marketing skills, make you more money, grow your influence and help you create content that achieves specific business objectives.

This is not just a writing class, this training is personalized and tailored to help you get the most value for your money. I will hold you by the hand, hold you accountable and commit you to take action to grow your expertise.

The days of come and buy, come and buy content are gone. The days of salesy content are also gone. You can’t sell these days if you don’t share valuable content. You can’t sell these days if you aren’t an authority in your field and grow your influence. That’s why this masterclass is a must for you if you want to make more money and grow your business.

In this class, you will learn:

This isn’t an informational class but an implementation class. I don’t care about giving information, all that matters to me is getting you to put in the work and grow.

If you just want the information, this class is not for you. I don’t need people who won’t take action on information either do I need people who get into courses for the fun of it. This is real work and if you aren’t game, just don’t bother.

"I have worked with Oladipupo for over a year now and I can tell you for a fact that he understands marketing to the core. There was never a project he handled for us that our client rejected. A young man with such a magnificent culture of excellence is definitely someone you will be proud to work with if your goal is to progressively move from point A to B"
Emenike Emmanuel

Who exactly is this class for?

How much does this class cost?

I could have easily charged in excess of 30,000 but that means this class will be limited to a few numbers of people.

That is why it costs only N10,000 to secure your spot in this class. But that is not all.

If you pay between now and 9th April, you will get the following bonus and only pay N7,500 to secure your spot.

If you pay after 9th of April, you will have to secure your spot in the class with N10,000

The class holds on 14th to 28th April via email and a closed WhatsApp group.

Pay by clicking the image above or alternatively, pay to:

Account name: EbusinessRoom Ventures
Account Number: 0098000761
Diamond Bank Plc

Please send a proof of payment to or call 08114639619. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be sent a link to join the class.

P.S. Will all this information make you wealthy? I have to be frank with you: I don’t know how rich you’ll get once you read, absorb and begin to use the secrets in this training. I’m selling you a hammer. Whether you build a doghouse or a castle is none of my business. My suggestion: Think BIG! 

P.S.S Please do not pay for this course if you are not ready to make money.