JOBLESS Nigerian who was Turned Back by Interviewers… Left Incomeless… And Unjustly Laid off from his measly paying Job Now reveals...

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Live Life The Way They've Always Wanted... Earning a Consistent N300,000 to N700,000 Naira income every month... ….even in the middle of today's frustrating and overly expensive economy"

Now there isn’t much time left… But I Can Help You still, as long as you’re Serious and Consistent


Dear Friend,

You and I have never met. But there’s a common problem we both share,  an overwhelming fear that keeps us both up at night….. and if you’re a graduate in this country, whether currently unemployed, or working a job that pays you less than you deserve and should be earning right now… then you know Exactly what I’m talking about.

Because I’m talking about the heart-racing fear of wondering if…. 


WHEN your situation will ever Change,

Let’s face it….the economy of our country today, is a mess. Food prices are at an all time high… Monthly salary paid to the average (employed) Nigerian graduate today is barely enough to just get by…  much less enjoy oneself a little… live in a little comfort… or even give as much money as you’d like to the people you love,

Cost of transportation, and everyday goods are skyrocketing on a daily basis… and the Naira has fallen so low, today.. it might hit oil someday.

And to top it all, Unless you have strong connections as a graduate in this countryThen you must have noticed the fact that… 

There are Still No Jobs/well-paying Jobs For the Average Nigerian graduate… 

So what’s the way forward?…”

Friend…  this is the exact same question I asked myself just six years ago as an accounting graduate back then in Buhari’s overly expensive 2015 economy… Arguably one of The Worst Economic periods of this Country…

Broke, unemployed, let go from my N18,500 job… and struggling everyday to get by with the day to day rising prices of food items in this country… I desperately hoped God would change my story for good,

And finally…. By what you can almost consider a miracle….

My situation changed!

And it’s this same “miracle” I’d like to share with you today… Because today… (if you’re interested) I’m going to be showing you how you can earn a consistent N300,000 – N700,000 Naira monthly income … Simply making use of this Untapped High Income Skill “everyone” claims to know these days… working for less than 3-5 hours everyday

Sounds Impossible?…

It’s NOT!

Just take a look at the dozens of testimonials from everyday Nigerians, like yourself, who I’ve helped achieve these consistent 6 figures months,

earning as much as N300,000 – N500,000 Naira every month…that’s a groundbreaking N3.6 – N6million Naira yearly income, spread over 12 months 

…..not bad for less than 5 hours of work:

And you see, the beautiful thing about this skill is…

You don’t even have to:

  •  Spend long tiring hours working a job…
  •  Take orders or permission from anyone else to do whatever you please…
  •  Engage in any kind of degrading or time wasting “online-work “…
  •  Perform any kind of ponzi scheme or investment nonsense…

Or even risk a single dime!


All you have to do is, take proper advantage of this Untapped High-Income Skill I’m about to share with you today… Implement consistently over a period of 30 -45 days…and in little to no time… You too can begin to produce these groundbreaking results:

So what exactly is this Untapped High-Income Skill “everyone” claims to know these days… And how can you begin to tap into it’s enormous financial benefits, starting today?… 

I’ll tell you.

But before I do… Let me to introduce myself to you, and begin to tell you just who I am to make such Bold Claims in the first place:

Osofowora Oladipupo

My name is Oladipupo Osoforuwa, 

I’m the founder Of Influential Business Solutions… a Digital marketing agency in Nigeria. A global digital marketing company which boasts of clients in the United Kingdom, United State Of America, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium,Cyprus, Nigeria.

And in the last 18 months alone… I’ve successfully mentored and assisted determined and hardworking Nigerian graduates like yourself with no connections… to begin earning as much as 

TWO groundbreaking 6 figure fees every month..

That’s two income flows of a minimum of N150,000…to N250,000 Naira (depending on the skill project) deposited in your account every month…

And that’s only the beginning… Because Right Now… I have a few students who currently receive as much as N300,000 to N500,000 Naira income per projectSimply taking advantage of this easily graspable skill.


That sounds simple enough…. Until you consider the fact that using just a few strategies I’ll be sharing with you today… you can conveniently take on as many as 2 – 3 projects a month, Put it together…And you’re looking at a consistent N300,000… to N500,00…to even a groundbreaking N1million Naira monthly income …taking on just two projects a month!

Amazing, right?….    

My thoughts exactly and it’s also easily attainable too… Especially since from today…you can begin to take advantage of the complete earning potential of this 6-figure skill I found… On a Desperate Wednesday Evening just after church

Interviews weren’t working… food stuff prices weren’t decreasing… I was still Unemployed… And I needed to get a Job! so after surfing through the web a couple of times…. desperately searching for job placements online… I eventually stumbled on this “strange-looking” information website…

And that’s when I found it!

It was a site owned by the now late Promise Excel(God bless his soul)  who promised to teach me something about a legitimate High Income Skill I could use to earn good money on the side… (As much as N60,000 per project at the time) And do it without…..Scamming anybody…Working for long tiring hours…..Or engaging in any kind of ponzi scheme…


And as a young, broke… and unemployed graduate then… I was instantly immersed! And quickly took advantage of the life-changing opportunity Promise Excel presented me that day, and the rest…. today…. is history.

Now I have clients from all around the world…  from countries like: Switzerland, Canada, Cyprus… the US…the UK… Germany…  and the list just goes on…

I currently earn multiple 6 figures and 7 figure with the fees I charge… and the projects I take on today, And over the course of the last 18 months.. I’ve given everyday Nigerians, and graduates like yourself… the same…  and an even  BIGGER opportunity, than I was given by the now late Promise Excel.

to do even more…Up to N500,000 per project 

Easily achievable, using just a few of the step by step strategies I’ll be sending to you in just a few short minutes … 

So today… 

If you’re still interested in taking advantage of this opportunity I’ve presented to this many… 

Then Congratulations… It’s Your Turn!

As I present you now… with the rare and life-changing opportunity to earn as much as N300,000 – N500,000 Naira income every month… Simply making use of this currently Untapped High Income Skill I like to refer to as…

The Business of Web Design

Here’s what it’s all about: 

Now if you’ve heard about Web design before…but you’re not exactly sure what The Business of web design is all about, I completely understand…  and you’re not alone.. . .Before I tell you everything you need to know about The Business of Web Design 

Plus how you can begin to take proper advantage of it today to start pocketing as much as N300,000 to N500,000 Naira every month… There’s something I have to quickly clarify.

Something that could Make or Break your ability to earn good six-figures with this skill… So if you’re still interested in making enough money to

Live Your Life the way you’ve always wanted

Now it’s true… these days, “everyone”….including their cousin… their uncle’s nephew…and their dog! Just seems to ‘know something’… or be selling a course or training, about Web design today… As a matter of fact… it’s gotten so much on Facebook and other online platforms these days… It’s almost annoying to look at.

It could even make one wonder if anyone still makes any money from this skill… (especially since now, with the aid of WordPress… websites have gotten so easy to build… You don’t even need any computer knowledge or technical know-how to grasp the skill…

All you need is to learn the fundamentals, How to use it… how to profit from it… Then start to make money with it. It’s that simple.

Or could even make one wonder if the skill is still as profitable as it once was… or if the “competition” has dragged the value of the market down!

But with current and monthly results like these…

It’s almost Blind of anyone to not see the reality of things…Because you see the truth is…YES these days… alot of people do claim to know this skill.

And a few actually do too…

But…. only to a limited extent. Because the fact of the matter is…as Easy as this skill is to learn (which is the reason a lot of people claim to know it these days) A Very Few number of persons are actually taking proper advantage of it’s huge financial benefits

They leave it completely Untapped… rendering the “competition” almost nonexistent. And all the while…. everyday…. an exclusive gated-community of dozens of everyday Nigerians like yourself are consistently tapping into it’s huge financial rewards…Pocketing as much as N500,000 Naira monthly income every 4 weeks, for less than 3 – 5 hours of work…Simply making use of this grossly Untapped High Income Skill

And you don’t have to take my word for it either, To prove just how Untapped this skill is, to you…

Here’s what you can do:

Simply walk up to anybody you know today who claims to know web design…ask them how much they are taking home a month (as polite as you can, please) and hear just how many give you figures as much as the recorded monthly incomes you just saw….

Not many, I bet you.

So what is the difference?…

Why are a few savvy inexperienced Nigerians like yourself, recording consistent minimums of N300,000 – N500,000 Naira every month…

While the overwhelming large majority are still struggling to cross a consistent N200,000 Naira every month?…

The answer? 

It’s not experience, my friend… it’s not connections… it’s not scam…it’s not the degree they graduated with from University…(I’m sure you know a lot of broke computer science graduates…) It has little to do with skill… And it’s definitely NOT their hair colour… And YET…. It’s the defining factor…. the differentiating element… different from Web Design alone.

And the core mechanism, that separates the N3.6million – N6million Naira per year income earners…from the ones struggling to make a consistent N200,000 Naira income every month and do it without selling half-baked courses and trainings online.

Friend…allow me to Introduce to you, what I’ve just now newly shown you as…

The Business of Web Design Blueprint

It’s simple… it’s straightforward… 

And it’s the direct action of using the simple most effective, updated client acquisition…and deal closing strategies working around in the world in the Web Design industry today… giving you “access” and the means to get in contact with High-net Worth Individuals (HNI’s) and serious business owners.

That is… people and serious businesses that have Big Money to spend… who know the importance of your newly acquired skill-set to their business…

And are willing to pay top dollar for it… Up to N300,000 – N500,000 Naira every month! 

This is very important, and it was one of the many,  Yet Consistently the most important principle I gathered from the numerous training programs, closed-door events… and seminars I attended over the years, hosted by some of the biggest Industry giants in the world today.

I’m talking about programs hosted by John Obidi, Bankole Williams, Paul Foh, Jimi Tewe,and guys like Adams Craft, Luther Landro, Ryan Deiss and a host of others …Spending over N650,000 Naira in registration fees alone, just to be present at each of these meetings.

without this knowledge you could easily become like any other Web Design “expert” on the internet, begging for clients… Or selling cheap half-baked “courses” across the internet.. 

But God forbid that should be your case…

Not when you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity such as this to: Live life the way you’ve always wanted… While earning a consistent N300,000 to N500,000 Naira every month… Simply making use of the Untapped High-Income skill of Web Design, and The business of web design . .

So to help you get started with Charging the Big Bucks, so you can finally start living life the way you’ve always wanted… while earning a consistent multiple six-figure income every month,

Regardless of what’s going on in the current economy…

Here’s everything I’m prepared to send you today, as part of my new mentorship program I’m releasing today, for the first time to the general public:

How to Build an E-commerce Website

This is where you'll begin to grasp the step-by-step fundamentals to building highly sought-after online store websites like Amazon, Getting paid as much as N300,000 to build a single website of this kind. Not bad for less than 5hours of work, yeah?.. And that's not all… In this exclusive mentorship program, you'll also begin to learn:

How to Build an Online Academy System

These are high value gated-learning websites like Udemy... Coursera...Khan Academy and the likes. Which Big Tertiary and secondary institutions in Nigeria and the world at large are willing to pay you Top Dollar for…

As much as N500,000 for a single website. For less than 14 days of work…

Are you now beginning to see what I'm talking about.. When I tell you this skill is still very Highly Untapped.. And has the very real potential to bring you up to N700,000 every month… At just two projects a month that shouldn't take you more than 5 hours to work On almost a daily basis… And there's more. You'll begin to learn…

How to Build a corporate Website

These are company websites which Business Owners desperately need to communicate and get in touch with their customers and new web visitors online.. (especially since their terrible experience during the lockdown) And would gladly pay you as much as N200,000 Naira per project for building a single website of this sort... ...Simply using what I'll be showing you in the Business of web design

How to Build Sales and Squeeze pages

These types of websites are highly sought-after websites in the marketing and advertising space today, where Business Owners and marketers are always looking to get their products in front of potential customers. And you can easily earn as much as N100,000 building simple websites of this sort using the step by step instructions I've laid out for you in this section… It's that simple. ….

Also in this high-level program, I'll be letting you in on:

How you can Optimize Websites for SEO

This is where many amateur and "experienced" Web designers miss it… And end up missing out on the potential 7-figure deals they could easily make with this High-value skill in their artillery. (for context… 7-figures starts from N1million Naira easily achievable with everything you're getting today...)

And that’s not even all of it… Because also in this Exclusive mentorship program… Using the easily-digestible materials you’ll be receiving today,

You’ll also begin to understand:

How to Attract High Level Paying Clients…

And this is where it really starts to get interesting… Because THIS IS where the money is…

And it’s where…


Here you’ll learn

• The 6 rarely-known Client acquisition strategies I personally use in acquiring HNI's and 7 figure business Owners

who can comfortably pay you a minimum of N250,000 for a single project… Taking just 2 of these a month, and you're looking at a consistent minimum of N600,000 every month.

• The 15 crucial Fundamentals you simply must know and employ

if you desire to have any hope of building a 6-7 figure career as a Nigerian web designer…

• How to set up Client attracting funnels and Social media ads..

Master how to use the Godfather Offer Strategy to generate clients regardless of how fierce the competition is on social media

• How to Get Foreign Clients

this secret will show you a list of targeted businesses who badly needs your service and waiting to pay you.

• How to set your price and negotiate your deals

Master this so you won't undercharge or be comfortable with silly fees that plagues most web designers. Understand the true cost of your service and your cost drivers.

• How to set up a full-blown Web Design Agency

Even if you are just a one man team- I will show you how you can start and scale your agency.

• 8 Proven ways to Charge higher fees and increase your prices

without hurting your chances…

• How to create multiple income stream as a web designer

You don’t have to earn from offering your services alone…These untapped income source can give you a million naira a year.

• How to make more money with software and plugins

using just a few simple strategies I've outlined for you in this section.. you can easily make an extra N500,000 to N1million Naira selling plugin licenses to clients… With little to no actual work from you. Amazing right? • How you can start making money as an affiliate, And lots more...

• The Simplest way to create recurring Income

You don’t have to earn from offering your services alone…These untapped income source can give you a million naira a year.

• How to make up to 700k every year selling a secret service that every designer use!

Most web designer don’t know this service and it cost you very little but gives a huge return.

• How to Freelance like a professional…

Here you will master how to freelance without being at the mercy of any third party platform or losing your funds. You also don’t need to slave away like most designers are currently doing

• How to build your personal brand and become a household name and an authority in 90 days or less

In this module, you will master the deep hypnotic strategies to build a strong personal brand that commands the big fees…. Miss this and you will continue earning less than 100k a month from web design.

• The age-long secrets to get referrals like clockwork and keep your funnel full at all time

This is the single most easiest and fastest way to get new clients and repeat businesses without spending a dime in lead generation cost or charging yourself short.

• How to handle client’s objections and make the craziest client a happy brand evangelist.

If you are not ready to get called out every week and be forced to pay refunds, this module will teach you how to turn the most annoying client to a happy client.

Yet these are just a few of the little-known Industry resources I’m already prepared to send to you today as part of my new mentorship program:

The WordPress Mastery Mentorship Program

Where I’ll personally be guiding you on how you can earn a minimum of a consistent N300,000 to N500,000 Naira every month,

….simply designing beautiful websites like these, using WordPress

Now look…

Just incase you’ve heard “coding activists”……talk before about the efficiency of using WordPress to design websites Or about how you should “learn programming instead as it’s more challenging” or something…And you find yourself having doubts as to whether you should use WordPress to take advantage of this Untapped High-Income Skill of Web design…

Then I have only one question to ask you. . .

  • Do you you really want to make enough money to live your life the way you’ve always wanted, So you can free yourself from the shackles of this harsh and Jobless economy as soon as possible?…

Or do you want to learn a “challenging skill” that’ll probably take you as much as 12 to 24months to fully learn…

before you start to seek for jobs, in the dire situation of this economy?.. If that’s your preference, then by all means… go for it. 

Time is short.

But if your aim is to make enough money to make sure you never have to worry about common everyday things like:

  • Rent…
  •  Having enough money to live the lifestyle you deserve
  •  Taking good care of your loved ones
  •  Vacation and Travel with family/friends… E.t.c.

Using the Untapped High Income Skill of Web Design….

Then I can’t think of a easier and faster way to make this happen more than WordPress… Now over the course of the last 18 years, WordPress has consistently been used to build websites of World renowned companies like:

  •  Forbes
  • CNN
  • Sony.
  • PlayStation
  • Vogue… e.t.c

And is still being used even till date. So if we’re talking “efficiency”, my friend… It’s evidently beyond question. 

To assist you on your journey to earning your first N300,000 or N500,000 by the end of the next 45 days… and to make it easier and more profitable for you:

Here are few bonuses I’m throwing in for you today:

Bonus #1

Business of Content marketing and Copywriting Video Course

Bonus #2

Thrive Architect Plugin

Bonus #3

Elementor Pro Plugin

Bonus #4

3000 theme and landing page template pack!

Bonus #5

Cartflow Pro to build any funnel of choice

Bonus #6

Revolution Slider

Bonus #7

SEO premium Plugin

Bonus #8

3 months Personal Support and group Calls

Here you’ll have 12 weeks direct access to me, so in case you have any questions along the way, Or find yourself being confused about anything… Just feel free ask me, and I’d surely be glad to help.

All of this adding up to a modest price of N262,000 Naira. A fair price for everything you’re getting today…

However, for this mentorship program today, my main aim in setting this up is to provide as much people as I can (as I alone can handle…) with the same life-changing opportunity the late Promise Excel handed me.

So, for this level of intense 12-week mentorship… And for everything you’re getting today… You won’t pay N262,000

You won’t pay N200,000… You won’t even pay an already fair price of N100,000 Naira …a far cry from the Original N262,000 Naira this level of intense training ordinary costs.…

Instead…. today…

I’ve decided to keep this High-level Mentorship program  at a very low price of N20,000 Naira for 48 hours only

So it is easily affordable to anyone serious about changing their financial situation for the better,

And living life on their own terms.

Dirt cheap for everything you’re getting today…

And you see, the beauty of this skill is…Your money invested in it, quickly pays back for itself 10X, 20X, 30X over…

Your first project with a HNI or an international or local business owner, could easily fetch you as much as N250,000 for your first gig

Take just 2 of that a month…And you’re looking at N500,000 every month …Pretty good for less than 3-5hours work everyday.

You just have to be serious… and consistent with it.

That’s all that’s required of you.  And the results will amaze you… As much as N3.6million to N6million Naira a year!

Now before you sign up for this new mentorship program today…

Results are dependent on your work rate and this is not a get-rich quick scheme. I’m not a magician and your result depends on you!

So if you’ve understood everything I’ve said so far and the opportunity Presented in front of you Today, to make up to a minimum of N300,000 to N500,000 Naira every month… simply designing websites for High Net worth Individuals and Big Money business owners..

And up to =N=1,000,000 in monthly fees… taking advantage of the numerous financial opportunities I’ve presented for you in this high-level program today…

Here’s what you should do NEXT:

Click the ENROL NOW button below,

[Take Advantage of your opportunity Today] You’ll be taken to a secure page where you can make payment. And Once you’ve paid, You’ll be automatically redirected to another secure page, Where you’ll be shown how to access the WordPress Mastery Mentorship program immediately.

Now, to ensure you have No Excuses for missing out on this opportunity

I must warn you . . .

This Exclusive Mentorship program will kick off immediately 

And the discount will be slashed and the price will return to =N=30,000


Because I’m one person … And there are only so many persons I can take in for this Mentorship Program. So I have to deter more people from signing up. That’s why — if you’re interested — I highly recommend that you sign up today . . . If you act now… you’ll likely get one of the available spots. I’m very excited about this. I hope you are too. You can continue doing what you were before you stumbled on this letter… Or you can take action today and live your life the way you’ve always wanted…

It’s your choice.

In the next one year, you will arrive. The question will you be living life on your own terms then or still struggling?

 A life of freedom awaits you

And I’ll see you inside.

Yours to True Success

Oladipupo Osofowora,

[Seize Your Opportunity, Today]